The difference between Jihades and Terrorists


Sheikh Mohammad Sha’rawi:

I was debating one of the tightly religious youth when I asked: Is blowing up a night club in one of the Muslim countries Halal or Haram?

He answered: Of course it is Halal and killing them is prohibited.

Then I told him: If you killed them while they are disobeying Allah, what would be their fate?

He replied: They will definitely all go to hell

I asked: where does Satan wants to take them?

He said: Hell of course.

I said: Well then, you & Satan are working on the same goal; which is sending people to Hell!

I recited a Hadeeth of Prophet Mohammad : when a funeral of a Jewish person passed by the prophet he started crying they asked him: what is it that causes your tears? He replied: that is a soul who got away from me and is being sent to hell.

I added: Spot the difference between you and prophet who seeks to show people the right way and save them from hell. You are in a whole other place than our beloved prophet!!



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